Passengers Travelling to France Detected with Coronavirus Symptoms

Agnes Buzyn, Health Minister of Philippe Government revealed that out of 254 passengers who boarded an evacuation flight from China, 26 passengers showed coronavirus symptoms. As soon as the flight landed in France, the passengers got detected by the deadly virus.


The health ministry added that the test results will be revealed on Monday to clear if the passengers got infected by the virus or not. Almost 16 foreign nationals displayed virus symptoms. Out of the 251, 30 passengers were Europeans, 65 were French and 124 were non-French.

Around 9 Belgians and their 3 partners along with 5 Dutch citizens and their two Chinese partners get isolate. All of them were travelling on from Istres to a military airport near Brussels. However, 60 passengers from Mexico, Rwanda, Brazil and Georgia stayed in France.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian state to French broadcaster RTL that some of the passengers to be detention centre for 14 days and will fly back home if they do not show any virus symptoms.

After the first evacuation of passengers, all have been under detention at a resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian praises the Chinese authorities for their “remarkable” cooperation. Because of them, all the French nationals returned home safely. Also, the health minister assured to bring back from people from Wuhan without causing any risk of spreading the virus.

Later, Germany’s health minister said on Sunday that France and its fellow G7 countries would be discussing about the joint response on the epidemic virus outbreak. So far, till now only six people have been tested positive.




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