Police Shooting in Downtown Chicago, Protesters Arrested

Hundreds of looters marched on downtown Chicago after a police shooting at the South Side of the city, with vandals smashing the windows of hundreds of businesses and taking off with merchandise, cash machines and everything else they could bring, police said. When a man was shot by police on Sunday afternoon after he opened fire on officers, the incident apparently sparked a social media post hours later encouraging looters to converge on the business district, Police Superintendent David Brown said at a press conference.

After the department noticed the post about 400 additional officers were dispatched to the area. Police made more than 100 arrests in the next 24 hours and 13 officers were injured including one who was hit with a bottle in the head, Brown said. Brown rejected the possibility that the incident was part of an orchestrated shooting campaign, instead of calling it “pure violence,” which included occupants of a vehicle fire-opening police who were arresting a man they spotted holding a cash register.

No officers have been injured by bullets, but after being shot, a security guard and a civilian have been hospitalized and five weapons have been recovered, he said. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has accepted that a rally has nothing to do with the melee.

The Violence

The burglary shed light on the national spotlight that has been on Chicago for weeks following a surge in gun violence that resulted in more killings in July than in decades in any month. President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly opposed the treatment of violence, recently directed the city to engage in what Attorney General William Barr called “modern crime-fighting.”

Witnesses have identified a scene that bore a remarkable resemblance to the violence that erupted when demonstrations about George Floyd ‘s death in Minneapolis became chaos. Brown indicated the compassionate handling of incarcerated people would then play a part in what happened Monday.

Lightfoot specifically confronted the looters at the same press conference, reminding them that police have gathered a lot of surveillance footage and other facts that will be used to arrest and convict as many as possible.

Protestors Attack the Business

Videos of the destruction showed large crowds of people smashing their way into the business. Also, streaming with clothes and other goods from smashed windows and doors loaded down. They loaded vehicles and sped off, leaving some behind boxes of rocks. Thus, apparently they had carried to shatter the glass. Cash register drawers and hangers of clothes scatter across the streets. Along with automated teller machines ripped from walls or pulled from inside businesses.

They also ransacked shops miles from downtown and their parking lots riddled with glass. Also, boxes that once housed television sets and other appliances.

Train and bus service briefly halt into the city centre. Bridges over the Chicago River removes, blocking travel from. It is to the downtown area and some expressway ramps into a downtown block by state police. Latest throughout the day, access restore. Brown said the department would retain an immense presence forever. It is in the downtown area, telling reporters that it had cancelled all off days until further notice.

People Injured

Police responded to a call about a person with a gun in the South Side Englewood neighbourhood. It is around 2.30 pm Sunday and tries to approach someone in an alley that match his description. He fled by foot from officers and shot at officers, police said. Officers open fire, injuring the man who takes to treatment at a hospital. He’d been able to recover. The statement states three officers also taking to a hospital for observation.

Brown later said the 20-year-old man had a long criminal history. It includes household battery convictions and child danger, he said the scene had a pistol retrieved. Around an hour after the incident, police and witnesses said a crowd faced off with officers. It is after someone allegedly states people that a child dies and wound by police. Eventually, the crowd dispersed.


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