President Issues Executive Order Restricting Conditional Visas for Foreign Employees Until End of 2020

On Monday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order restricting conditional visas for foreign employees until the end of 2020, angered advocates who say they are punishing immigrants for domestic political purposes. The order extends to a number of work visas used for many types of jobs, a change the administration claims will open up as many as 525,000 positions for Americans to fill up. Yet immigration advocates, which have been gearing up for the order for days, say that Trump attacks immigrants in order to appease his political base.

Trump’s latest comes amid his April decision to temporarily suspend immigration to the U.S., a move he said has been needed in view of the coronavirus pandemic to protect American jobs. President Trump halted the issuance of green cards to international nationals wishing to reside in the United States for 60 days. The order was to expire on Monday.

The latest order extends Trump’s initial ban to Dec. 30 and expands it by enforcing work visa limits. The freeze applies to H-1B visas designed for highly skilled workers, especially in the tech industry, and to H-2B visas used by seasonal workers, for example in the construction and hotel industry. Others affect are H-4 visas gives to H-1B visa holders’ spouses; L-1 visas for executives working for big corporations; and some J-1 visas for scholars and teachers.

Trump Works on Long-Term Immigration Program

Additionally, Trump has told his advisors to start work on long-term immigration program changes. It includes reforming the way H-1B visas distribute. The H-1B visas payout by lottery right now. The proposed strategy will delegate these to candidates receiving the highest salaries.

The decision to revoke temporary work visas comes days after Trump administration ‘s attempt. It is to wind down the DACA system to protect those illegally. It brings into the country as children from deportation is down by the Supreme Court. In a blow to the White House, liberals from the court. It has joined Chief Justice John Roberts in blocking the effort. Trump announced that his government would seek to end the “Dreamers” legal protections.

Also, David Bier, an immigration policy researcher at the libertarian Cato Center. So, he states that the US economy effect by suspending the L-1 visa. Thus, it is for international corporate executives.

So, the moves praise by Trump backers and organizations supporting raising immigration rates.


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