President Trump Announces to Reschedule a Rally to be Held on June 19

President Trump revealed at the end of Friday night that he is rescheduling a rally to be held on 19 June — the holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States — “out of respect for this vacation.”

In the wake of the national uproar following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers and widespread demonstrations over police violence and racial injustice, Trump’s decision to stage his first campaign rally in months on the holiday was met with strong criticism.

But apart from the June 19 significance, Tulsa has a disturbing racial history as well. It sites a tragedy of hundreds of African Americans during racial unrest in the town’s historic section known as “Black Wall Street” in 1921.

Trump Denies Allegations

In an interview with Fox News earlier Friday, President Trump denies that the rally purposely scheduling for that date in Tulsa and states that it considers a “celebration,” instead.

But given the history of racist statements by Trump, including his embrace of the birther movement, many instead saw the upcoming campaign event as an appeal to white supremacists for the rally. California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris called the event their “welcome home party.”

Floyd ‘s death in police custody has renewed discussions on race in America. It is hough Trump has not given a race speech. Also, has largely declined to acknowledge the concerns expressed by the protesters.

Trump Calls Harsh Tactics Against Protestors

And he has strongly rejected proposals that the names of Confederate Military Officers should be stripped from US military assets. Instead, he has supported himself as “your president of law and order.”

He calls for harsh tactics against protesters, whom he has sometimes labelled “thugs.”

He objected calls to scale back financing for police departments. Also, proposing that an elderly protester in Buffalo, New York hospitalizes. It is after pushing to the ground by police officers as part of a “set-up.”

Usually, he did so in the context of condemning violent protesters when he evoked Floyd ‘s name. Because of coronavirus, Trump suspended live campaign rallies in March. Many who attend the Tulsa rally promise not to sue the movement if they get contaminating.

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