Queen Elizabeth II and British Royals Gather for a Meeting

Queen Elizabeth II and other senior British royals gathered with Prince Harry for a meeting Monday in an attempt to resolve the crisis triggered by his bombshell announcement that he and his wife Meghan stepped back from the royal frontline.

According to British media, Harry’s father Prince Charles and brother Prince William, with whom he has fraught relationships, will join the queen at her private Sandringham estate in eastern England.

Charles just flew back from Oman, attending a ceremony of condolence following Sultan Qaboos ‘ passing. Meghan is expected to join the meeting via Canada’s conference call as they try to hammer out the “next steps” toward a solution to nip the through crisis in the bud.

Issues for consideration include, according to the Sunday Times, how much money the pair will still get from the estate of Charles, their royal titles and what commercial deals they may make. The newspaper has confirmed that William claims that he and Harry are now “separate entities,” breaking the bonds formed after the tragic death of their mother.

“I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more; we’re separate entities,” the Times reported he told a friend.

Public’s Request to Queen Elizabeth II

On Sunday, the queen attended church in Sandringham. There supporters expressed sympathy for her. Some public state that Harry and Meghan should not receive any more taxpayer money. On Thursday, the 93-year-old monarch called for staff to work. This is with the pair to urgently find a “workable solution”. It would take into account their requests for more independence.

So, Harry, Meghan and son Archie spent Christmas in Canada this week, with the former American actress coming back there. Also, Several Canadian media reported that Meghan had returned to Vancouver Island. Thus, this is off the Pacific coast of the country, where the family had spent their year-end holidays. Also, there baby Archie had stayed with his nanny.

Further, the Wednesday’s announcement caught senior royals off guard. So, it states that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to seek a “progressive new role”. Also, divide their time between Britain and North America.

So, Queen Elizabeth II office issued a terse statement the same evening. Also, it states that it complicates issues and take time to work through.

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