Queen Elizabeth II Moves from Buckingham Palace as her Aide Screens COVID Positive

As per reports, the coronavirus has been screened positively by a royal aide at Buckingham Palace. This is when Queen Elizabeth II was still in her London home. The 93-year-old queen moves permanently from the palace to Windsor Castle on Thursday as a “safety measure” after all her obligations postpone and reports that she is well.

It is not clear how close the royal help in question may have to Queen Elizabeth II, according to UK media reports, but any member of the Royal Household staff with whom the individual came in touch has since been put in self-isolation.

He aide, whose name is not out, is ill and tests positive for the deadly disease earlier last week. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the claims and said it is undertaking all the appropriate measures in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic advisory in place, which was spreading rapidly in the UK as the death toll increased to 233 on Saturday.

Britain Under Shutdown Due to COVID-19

There are rumours that the king is planning to broadcast live television in the coming days. This is as a morale boost to the public during the current crisis. It has forced Britain into a near shutdown with all social media closed indefinitely. Also, urged people to remain indoors and observe strict social distance laws. The Queen released a supporting statement earlier this week. Also, is calling for people to find new ways to keep in touch and get through the lockdown.

The Queen turns 94 on April 21. She expects to move with her 98-year-old spouse Prince Philip. It is for an extended time after consulting with her medical specialists. The UK government at Windsor Castle in south-east England. Her daily “audiences” with Prime Minister Boris Johnson expect to continue for now but Buckingham Palace. He states that a number of other changes in the rest of her diary. This is as “sensitive precaution and for practical reasons.”

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