Queen Elizabeth II Rebukes Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth II was seen in a wired moment chastising her daughter, Princess Anne. The conversation between her and her daughter was caught on camera. This was when the queen is seen greeting President Donald Trump, the first lady and other world leaders at a reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night. Trump and other world leaders were in London for a NATO leaders summit.

Seeing that, the tabloids were amazed.

The Mirror headline: “Princess Anne’s incredible reaction after ‘scolding’ from Queen for not greeting Trump.”

On the other hand, the Sun stated, “HEIR-RAISING: Princess Anne shrugs as The Queen ‘scolds her during Trump greeting.’ “

The Daily Express saw her majesty and daughter “having a silent argument” and the Mail Online said “Queen ‘directs’ Anne while welcoming Trump to Buckingham Palace.”

But what did the short video clip show? Check out…

Did you understand anything?

According to reports, some saw Anne dislike to meet Trump – and that view is on British Twitter as posters pours on Anne’s love of ignoring the unpopular US president.

Others saw the Queen hit the ceiling after her daughter Anne ignored her orders. Some suggest that the queen turns to Anne to ask who was next to greet in line. She seems to say “just me” along with her shrug over the sound of clicking cameras.

Princess Anne’s Shrug Doesn’t Go Well with Queen Elizabeth II

The video is viral on social media. In that, the Trumps approach the queen, who is standing next to her eldest son, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla. Trump shares few words with the queen, who smiles back. Then he shakes hand with Camilla. Melania also greets Charles and Camilla.

But then, suddenly the queen looks at Anne, who is standing nearby. She shoots a look. But then the Daughter flashes look at her mother and shrugs her shoulders.

David Lammy, a Labour Party politician and outspoken critic of the Trump family, tweeted the video and said, “Princess Anne’s shrug when it appears Queen ask to greet Donald Trump speaks for the nation.”

Many agreed Lammy’s opinion They thought that they saw a political thing. One poster on Twitter wrote, “Anne is like ‘nahhh thanks!’ “

Others called Lammy a “silly” and said nothing like that showed.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, states the Sun Online he is “charming” by the video clip.

He agrees to Anne and said she would not have thought to be part of the reception line beside the queen or Charles and Camilla.



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