Reverend Al Sharpton Mocks Trump at Tulsa Juneteenth Celebration

Approximately a mile from the stadium where President Trump would hold a Saturday rally, Reverend Al Sharpton has spoken to a field packed with people on Oklahoma State University-Tulsa campus, near in which the city’s infamous 1921 race massacre actually occurred.

He also rejected assertions that protesters were violent for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Several lawmakers also proposed bills that would make the day a break.

Trump claimed earlier in the week that “no one had ever heard of” the holiday of June 19 before the controversy surrounding his rally, which he originally planned to be on June 10. When pressed on the issue Friday, Vice President Mike Pence refused to say that Black lives matter and instead responded to a question with “all life matters.”

All lives matter is a term frequently use to condemn the campaign of Black Lives Matter. It perceives by those aligning with the campaign of Black Lives Matter. It is by denying which detracting from racial inequality issues.

Tulsa officials have rescinded a curfew related to the divisive rally of President Donald Trump. It planned there Saturday in a dramatic turnaround that came. It is after Trump met with the mayor of the city. But in another Friday night update, Tulsa officials reported a downtown police zone for Secret Service and Police. Thus to eject individuals who are only present to violate the rules. Also, disrupt the rights of peacefully assembled people.

The reversal comes hours before Trump ‘s main campaign rally scheduling to touch down.

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