Russia, China, and Iran Plan Against 2020 Presidential Election: U.S Counter Intelligence Official

Friday’s top U.S counter-intelligence official cautioned that Russia, China, and Iran would make all attempt to intervene in the 2020 presidential election, with Russia already attempting to discredit presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said in an unusual public statement that those countries used online disinformation and other means to try to influence voters, stir up disorder and undermine the confidence of American voters in the democratic process.

The statement comes despite accusations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress that the intelligence community has withheld detailed intelligence details from the public about the possibility of foreign election interference in the upcoming election. U.S. intelligence officials on Russia assess that it is working to “denigrate” Biden, and what it sees among its supporters as an anti-Russia “establishment,” Evanina said. He said this would follow Biden’s criticism of Moscow when he was a vice president in Russia for his role in Ukraine politics and his promotion of opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

Intelligence Concern

The latest intelligence assessment reflects concerns about China, Russia and Iran in varying degrees. Also, warning that hostile foreign actors may attempt to compromise election infrastructure. Thus, interfere with the voting process. Such concerns are especially acute following Russia’s far-reaching attempt to intervene in the 2016 election. It is on behalf of current US President Donald Trump via both Democratic email hacking. Also, a covert social media campaign aimed at sowing discord among US voters.

Trump has consistently dismissed the suggestion that he was supported by the Kremlin in 2016. However, the intelligence report published Friday suggests that unidentified actors connected to the Kremlin. They are once again trying to promote his campaign on social media and Russian TV.

U.S. intelligence claims that China finds Trump to be ‘unpredictable’ and does not want to see him win re-election. So, it has increased its influence activities ahead of the November election. It is in an attempt to shape U.S. policy and political leverage that it sees as against Beijing.

China Against Trump’s Win

China sees Trump as “unpredictable” and will not see him winning re-election, Evanina said. Since the November election, China has increased its influence activities. It is in an attempt to shape U.S. policy and leverage political figures that it sees against Beijing, it said.

On Iran, the assessment said Tehran is trying to weaken both US political institutions and Trump. Also, divide the US prior to the election.

The Trump campaign said in a separate statement that it did not want or need foreign assistance. Also, states that China and Iran oppose to Trump. It is because he accuses them after years of coddling by politicians like Joe Biden.

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