Russian Plane Utair Boeing 737 Crashes, No Casualties

No casualties are reported when a Russian plane crashed on Sunday. Due to landing gear failure, the flight crash-landed on its belly. Over 100 passengers were present inside the flight. No one has been injured.

With a sudden wind direction change, the Utair Boeing 737 flight was jolted. The flight was landing at Usinsk airport in the northern Komi region. The flight was on the runway when a malfunction occurred.

The Boeing’s officials add that during the crash landing, the instrument landing system at the airport was not working. Also, the runway lighting was out.

Images of the Utair Boeing 737 showed on a runway covered with snow, a flight is seen crashed on its belly. All the passengers rush to evacuate as the panic.

The airline adds that all the 94 passengers and 6 crew members are safe. Although, one passenger desired medical assistance.

A spokeswoman from the emergencies ministry revealed AFP that “the plane crashed on its tail”. The evacuation on the Russian Plane was done for the passengers and crew via emergency slides, she adds.

The Utair Boeing 737 flight adds that all scheduled flights on Monday from Usinsk to Moscow were cancelled. This decision was taken due to the landing strip’s “unsatisfactory condition”. As per critics, Russia has the worst aircraft maintenance. It also lacks safety stands.

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