Trump Threatens to Cut Funding if Schools Do Not Fully Reopen

President Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday that he could “cut off money” for non-reopening schools, although it was uncertain whether the federal government could put any financial pressure on state and local school systems.

The president also said that not only did he disagree with advice from public health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on school openings — calling it “very difficult and costly” — but “I’m going to challenge them!” — indicating that he will force them to loosen the guidelines.

He sees reopening schools as key to an economic recovery — and his reelection campaign to help the parents return to work. Trump threatened to “press” Governors who refused on Tuesday. Public health experts have usually said that if steps are taken, schools may be reopened but cautioned that that cases in some states may complicate any plans. The most authority of — and support for —- U.S. schools comes from state and local governments.

Vice President Mike Pence Focuses on COVID Task Force

Asked at a news conference later Wednesday about Trump’s funding challenge, Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the coronavirus task force at the White House, indicated that the White House would try to put some funds into potential coronavirus legislation to reopening schools.

Trump, meanwhile, criticized the CDC — a government organization run by a man he named — in another Wednesday tweet for suggestions it had made to help reopen educational institutions.

The CDC ‘s voluntary recommendations advise school staff and students. It is to “take routine protective steps to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases”.

Meetings Get Cancelled

It includes such as washing hands and staying home if sick. The department said large meetings and field trips should be cancelled. It is under such conditions, and that schools might need to be suspended for weeks. It is if the spread of the virus picks up. Pence said he talked to Trump and the president’s tweet showed the president’s “leadership”.

Also, “wish” for encouragement not to “be a reason why schools are not opening up.”

CDC Director Robert Redfield said it would be “deceptive” for people. It is to use the recommendations as an excuse. It is for opening schools and “prescriptive.”

Redfield said the CDC, for the K-12 population and for parents and caregivers. He was “about bringing out” what he called “a set of new additional recommendations.”

He said they should include the tracking of symptoms. Also, the ins and outs of face masks and “monitoring their services” systems.

Federal policymakers have little control over. How their school systems work by state and local authorities. In her message to school districts, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was unflinching: They must reopen. Classes usually begin in some school districts as soon as early next month.

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