Scientist States Coronavirus Might End on June 21 Solar Eclipse

The scientist said there is a clear connection between the Coronavirus outbreak and the solar eclipse that occurred on 26 December 2019. They say the coronavirus ends on the coming June 21 solar eclipse.

Chennai, instead. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak has spread around the world, thousands of scientists in different countries have been looking for Covid-19 vaccines and medicines. Yet a Chennai scientist is looking at this disease through its connection with the solar eclipse. He believed that the coronavirus had a link with the solar eclipse.

Chennai nuclear and earth scientist Dr. KL Sundar Krishna believed an outbreak of solar eclipse (COVID-19) had occurred somehow on December 26 of last year. Sun eclipse). Dr. KL Sundar Krishna told ANI that he believed the planetary structure in the solar system changed with the eclipse on December 26.

Krishna says the coronavirus outbreak has a strong connection with the solar eclipse that happened on 26 December 2019. They say on the coming June 21 solar eclipse the coronavirus will be eradicated.

He said ‘the mutation was first seen in China, but there is no evidence of that. This mutation can result from an experiment or a deliberate attempt. We claim the forthcoming solar eclipse will prove to be a turning point and dormant coronavirus. He said ‘this is a normal process and there is, therefore, no need to worry people about it. For this deadly virus, sunlight and solar eclipse will prove to be a natural cure.

Explaining more, he said, they may have begun nucleating (nucleus formation) with foreign absorbed material, which in the upper atmosphere can be a nucleus of bio-nuclear, bio-nuclear contact. A potential source of this virus may be a mutation of the biomolecular structure (protein).

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