SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Orders Mississippi to Change State’s Flag

In its design, the Mississippi flag has the Confederate flag. As the nation genuinely feels the aftershocks of the seismic shift that took place after George Floyd ‘s death, one of the post-powerful NCAA conferences has called on the state to change the flag. So, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has issued the order.

No, that is not a story about the National Football League. But it is an example of how organizations take leadership when they need to make changes. At a time when Washington chooses to deny a nickname’s racial slur that is hiding in plain sight, the NFL just do what the SEC Commissioner did and call for a change.

Hopefully, that isn’t going to happen. Recent comments from Washington coach Ron Rivera have created an impression. He is hoping for momentum from within the organization to change bubbles. Also, making it much harder for owner Daniel Snyder to keep his heels so tightly crammed against change. If it’s not what Rivera is doing, or if Snyder decides to hesitate to change the name, it’s time for the National Football League to get involved, in the same way, that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission got involved with the Mississippi flag.

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