Senate Gives Winning Acquittal to US President Donald Trump

Finally, after months of arguments and allegations, the Senate has acquitted US President Donald Trump on the impeachment charges of abuse and obstruction of powers. Despite his party’s one member backstabbing him and voting to get imprisoned, Trump had a winning acquittal.

The president successfully defeated the Democrats who tried to remove him from his office. Also, accused him of seeking illegal help from Ukraine for 2024 re-election.

Despite democrats trying to defame Trump in front of the Senate, the US President’s party, the republicans stayed by his side and supported him by voting first 52 to 48 and second voting had 53 to 47.

The senate’s verdict favouring Trump is a major shining armour for the senator in the upcoming re-election.

Calling the probe as a “witch hunt” and a “hoax”, Donald Trump argued that he has all rights to seek anyone’s help to gain back his position. He also refused to agree with Congressional subpoenas for handing over any documents and testimonies.

After an intense 78 days battle in the House, the democrats were disappointed. Due to which they faced huge criticism and public doubts and high pressure form the White House.

Nancy Pelosi who is the speaker of Democratic House spoke on this. She states that despite the acquittal, Trumps’ image tarnish. The impeachment label is as a tag with his life long.

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