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Sikh Man Killed by Fiancee in Pakistan

According to investigators, the death of a 25-year-old Sikh man in Pakistan is a “contract killing,” by his fiancee who didn’t want to marry him.

In a shocking revelation, Parvinder Singh was shot dead by unknown gunmen weeks before his marriage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan on Saturday. His killing drew strong criticism from India that requested the crime’s perpetrators exemplary punishment.

Parvinder Singh’s blind murder case is close with the culprit in custody. It is none other than his 18-year-old fiancee Prem Kumari. She is in custody for her involvement in plotting the assassination, police states.

A senior security official states it is a “contract killing” by his fiancee, who didn’t want to marry Singh. She lived in the province’s remote Shangla district.

“She promised the hitmen Rs 700,000 for his murder,” the official added.

“Part of the committed money was paid in advance, while the rest had to be paid after the murder.”

Prem Took her Friend’s Help to Kill Sikh Man

After four days of arduous investigations in which officials from other investigative and intelligence agencies also provided valuable clues, the investigation team-led by Peshawar’s capital city police officer-cracked the blind murder case, the report stated.

They scheduled their marriage for January 28. The police state in their initial report that the Sikh man and Prem love each other and their marriage is with their consent, and both even began arrangements for their marriage. Nonetheless, Prem later got into a relationship with a Muslim boy who is her friend’s brother

Police report Prem invites Singh to Mardan and took him to a home where Singh is attack by Prem’s friend and other accomplices. The killers later moved Singh’s body from Mardan to Peshawar, and threw it into the open fields near Chamakani, a Peshawar district rural area where police found the body on January 5.

Prem also decided to convert to marry the Muslim friend, police said. They add that other culprit is in search. Prem’s family lives in the District of Mohallah Sherdad Abad Mardan. Her dad is a Hindu and her mother is a Sikh. After spending six years working in Malaysia Singh had returned to Pakistan.

This murder came a day after a mob attacked Gurdwara Nankana Sahib. This is where Guru Nanak Dev, founder of Sikhism, was born. India strongly condemned the Peshawar minority Sikh group member’s “targeted killing” on Sunday.

In the past, Pakistan has seen violence against religious minorities. This is due to al-Qaeda and Taliban-led terrorists routinely attack. This is on the country’s Muslim, Sikh, Muslims, Ahmadis and Shiite groups.

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