SKK Peterburgsky Stadium Collapsed During Reconstruction Process

In a tragic incident, one person lost his life after a stadium roof collapsed during reconstruction. The incident took place in the city of St Petersburg, Russia. The dead body of the worker was recovered hours after he got trapped in the SKK Peterburgsky stadium collapsed on Friday.

According to BBC, the SKK Peterburgsky stadium is a sports and concert complex. It was inaugurated in 1980 and presently under reconstruction for the upcoming Ice Hockey World Championship in 2023.

A drone captures the horrific video of the stadium collapse. The footage shows how suddenly the stadium roof collapses. Also, in the video, it shows how one worker who is in the stadium succumbs to injuries in the process of escaping through a metal lift.

M Kucherov (29) is the worker who lost his life, Russia’s Saint Petersburg state emergency ministry states.

In his statement, he states that the man’s safety cable broke during the horrific incident. He adds that the stadium collapsed due to the weakening of the structure, the roof and dome walls.

Along with three other workers, M Kucherov was dismantling the roof by cutting metal cables. As per Russia’s emergency ministry, the working was carrying out gas cutting work to demolish the dome during which the mishap took place.


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