Spain’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 3,434

Spain’s coronavirus death toll has outpaced China’s official record, becoming the world’s second-highest. Death numbers rose by 738 in 24 hours-a daily record-to 3,434, higher than the reported 683 in Italy. By contrast, China has recorded 3,285 deaths formally, while Italy-the worst affected country-has 6,820 deaths. Spain’s infection rate has risen by a quarter, and about 27,000 people are hospitalized.

Madrid is the worst affect area in the country but Catalonia has a sharp increase in instances in the north-east. Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo of Spain with positive for the virus, the government reports. She admits to a hospital with respiratory problems on Sunday. MPs will vote until 11 April to prolong the country’s state of emergency for another two weeks. Under the laws, people prohibits to leave home except for the purchase of vital supplies and medications, or for work.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, there are 460,000 cases of the virus worldwide, with over 20,000 deaths and over 110,000 people have recovered. The UN said on Wednesday that the virus “threatened society as a whole” as it launched a $2bn (£ 1.7bn) appeal for the world’s poorest people.

Spain’s Health Ministry Shows Increase Death Toll to 738

Figures published Wednesday by the health ministry showed that Spain’s national death toll increased by 738 in just 24 hours. The number of cases rose 7,973. These are the highest Spanish figures in a single day. There are currently 47,610 cases in the world.

For those, Catalonia accounts for around 10,000, while the Basque Country and Andalusia each have more than 3,000 incidents. And the worst-affected region is the area across the capital Madrid, where 14,597 cases have been reported. Madrid’s municipal funeral home announce on Tuesday that it stops handling COVID-19 patients–the coronavirus-cause disease–while the city’s main ice rink to use as a temporary mortuary.

Soldiers in Spain brought in on Monday to combat the epidemic. Also, find residents of nursing homes abandoned and even death in their beds. The Ministry of Defense states that after the coronavirus identifies, workers at several care homes had left.

Local media announced on Wednesday that at the Fundación Santísima Virgen y San Celedonio care home in Madrid’s Chamartín district. It is more than 20 residents believe to have the virus or with symptoms of it had died. Any 50 staff members were in solitary confinement.

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