Tableau and It’s Product Type

Tableau is a popular and fastest-growing platform for data visualization used for the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps turn raw data into the easy to understand format.

With Tableau, information analyzes are very fast and the visualizations generated are of the form of dashboards and worksheets. At every point in Mergen IT, the data that is created using this can be understood by professionals. It also enables the development of a custom dashboard by a non-technical user.

The best feature are:

  • Data Blending
  • Real time analysis
  • Collaboration of data

The great thing about the technology is that no technical skills or programming skills are required to operate. The tool has drawn interest from all sectors such as industry, academics, various industries, etc. among citizens.

Types of Tableau Products

Tableau has a lot of products, classified according to the quality of their features. The part of the server, the part of the user, the part of the client and the part of the software preparation.

  • Tableau Server
  • The Tableau Online
  • Tableau Public server
  • The Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Public Desktop
  • The Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Mobile
  • Tableau Prep Builder

Server Part

  • Server

The server is an application that has to be installed on a Windows or Linux server. This is widely used in the business world. Normally a dedicated admin team / person would be available to take care of memory, client management, data source management, file management, and other things related to the database.

  • Online

Online is also a paid server application, but software is already hosting it, so no need to install it on any Windows server. It’s better when you need access from anywhere to the dashboards. It has nearly all of the server features, but on the internet.

  • Public Server

The server is an internet-free server. This is the Data Visualization world’s YouTube or blogspot. It’s free and people are posting their visualization and ideas here. We name it the blog of visuals. It has no options for managing users or folders. However, you can hide your job. It can not have a source of live data, but Extract only. So many people here are publishing their ideas and custom views. From here we might find the inspiration.

Developer Part

  • Desktop

Desktop is a paid program for a desktop. It is also called as a professional edition of the Desktop. This is where the programmers are making maps, diagrams, dashboards, actions and all. It also has a fourteen-day trial. You can publish the dashboards we create here to any server listed above.

  • Tableau Public Desktop

A free software program is Public Desktop. It’s the Public Server developer location. This is free and has some limitations, such as only saving the cloud, no live or server connection. Students, bloggers, organizations linked to public information such as media and so on use our service.

Viewer Part

  • Reader

Reader is the free desktop application that can help us view the dashboards that Desktop has created. It only supports removing files from the link. By obtaining one license for Desktop and installing this free software on the machine of their end user, it can help new people try it. It can open the dashboards and interact with them, such as filtering, tooltip and parameters. Here we can’t edit the formula or maps.

  • Mobile

Mobile tableau is a mobile app. It’s available in Android and iOS. It can connect online to the site. It’s just like buying mobile Reader. It can allow you to connect and access online dashboards post on the server.

Data Preparation Part

  • Prep builder

It Prep Builder is Tableau’s new product. Also, lets developers make the raw data dry, mix and wrangle. It is a mini ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) tool capable of connecting to different databases, joining data, transforming data, and saving the file as output. It automatesĀ and helpsĀ developers avoid manual redundant data manipulation.

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