Teenager Arrested for Killing Two People in Kenosha

A teenager was arrested on charges of murder Wednesday after two people were shot dead during anti-police demonstrations in US city Kenosha, as President Donald Trump said he was bringing in additional federal forces. Violent protests have erupted in the Midwestern city after police shot several times a black man in his back point-blank, while his kids watched. Two people were shot dead during demonstrations on Tuesday, and a third injured after a man in civilian clothes opened fire on demonstrators with an assault weapon.

Kenosha city leaders ordered a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew through Sunday in hopes of restoring peace after the violence that took place on Tuesday when armed vigilantes flocked to the protest site saying they were there to protect private property. Videos taken overnight Tuesday shows one of the vigilantes — thought to be the 17-year-old — shooting with an assault rifle at protesters and apparently hitting two who were trying to stop him. Then the man walks confidently down the street, gun slung across his shoulder, as demonstrators scatter and police cars are speeding past him.

Trump said Wednesday he was sending federal law enforcement. Also, national guard troops to Kenosha to “restore law and order” in the northern city. But local authorities said they already had hundreds of police from around the state. So, some 250 national guard troops, and FBI and federal marshals helping them with the crisis. But on Sunday he refused to address the Jacob Blake, 29, police shooting that ignited the unrest.

Shooting Video

The incident specifics remain unclear whilst the police officers involve suspend. Bystander video shows one officer shooting Blake in his back several times. This is as he attempts to reach his vehicle, which contains his three sons. Also, during what numerous witnesses describe as his involvement in a domestic incident. Blake’s father Jacob Blake Sr. accused the police of “senseless attempted murder”.

So, even after many surgeries he remained paralyzed from the waist downwards. Miskins expressed outrage about the incident’s lack of details. But said it was now in the possession of state authorities and he couldn’t speak about it.

The latest African American police shooting has sparked renewed outrage. Also, unrest in U.S. cities and fueled the campaign for Black Lives Matter. African Americans lead activist Al Sharpton to expect to become one focal point. It is of a scheduled march on Washington this weekend. But Trump’s remarks made it clear that. It is with the election just over two months away and will also be fuel for the ongoing presidential campaign. Trump’s campaign has depicted anti-police demonstrations in many cities. Also, as a challenge to the government from the far left. Democratic rival Joe Biden has called for an end to violence following the shooting of Blake.

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