Free Movie Apps in the USA

We all love watching films and we can watch everything and anything with just one click with the advent of online streaming services. However, sadly, most of the services like Netflix are paid for, and having to subscribe to multiple services gets really expensive. But you needn’t be worried about spending too much money. We did our research and found some great movie apps that allowed you to watch movies completely free of charge. And these applications are perfectly legal to use so there is no piracy issue. That said, here are some of the best free movie apps in the USA where you can watch tons of free movies without any problems.

Top 6 Free Movie Apps in the USA

I’ve shared the 6 best free movie apps in this section. All of these apps are officially available in the Google Play Store and AppStore, so there’s no need to sideload apps from third-party stores. Also, few apps have a different premium plan so you can subscribe to their paid services to get more content if you find the service cheap and interesting. Having said that now, let’s continue with the list.

  • Tubi- Tubi is the best free motion picture app, hands down. Unlike other free movie apps, it offers free movies recently released. Because of its partnership with many big Hollywood studios, the reason Tubi has such a wide collection of fresh content Paramount, Warner Bros, etc., are among some. The great thing about Tubi is it’s completely free and there’s no secret credit card requirement or subscription requirement. Speaking of the material, the movies selection is simply amazing. You’ve got everything at your fingertips, as well from different genres to Anime. All you need to do is register for a free account, so you can watch tons of free content for hours. Just go for it and you’re going to love it to bits.
  • Crackle- Sony’s Crackle is one of mobile’s more popular free cinema apps. This includes a bunch of hit movies, popular television shows and a bunch of genres to choose from. It even has Nielson tracking software so when it comes to popularity, you may be a part of the stats. The consistency of streaming as such certainly needs a lot of work. We continue to see it improve over time, however. It’s popular, but it’s not the best free video streaming implementation on this list, either.
  • Pluto TV- Pluto TV is an awesome device where you can watch free movies on the go. You’ll be surprised to find the extensive free content library available on the app. First, you’ve got Hollywood behemoth movies like Fox Studios, Warner Bros, Paramount and more. Viacom owns Pluto TV and obviously there are lots of popular movies you wouldn’t find else. The big part is that you don’t need to share details about your credit card or register in the app. Just install it and you’re set to watch free movies with no problems. I would strongly recommend Pluto TV for its varied set of films. Just go for it and love it.
  • Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation- Crunchyroll and Funimation are amongst the most popular streaming services for anime. VRV offers a variety of content from anime to independent content, and some old Nickelodeon shows are also available. They’re riddled with ads like most free movie apps, and at the same time, you don’t always get the latest content as paying subscribers to do. Along with some other types of content, they do provide free anime content. Crunchyroll mainly deals with subtitled anime shows whereas Funimation usually deals with English dubs mostly in anime. As well as some extra, independent stuff, VRV has both anime subs and dubs. You can go with that which you like most.
  • Popcornflix- Popcornflix is an excellent free movie app where you can eat movies on the go. First of all, unlike Sony Crackle, it’s available to users all over the world so that’s awesome. Secondly, the app has a wide range of absolutely free movie titles and you can watch them with no qualitative limitation. The big part is that even if you have a slow internet connection the app performs really well. Interestingly, Popcornflix has a relationship with many Hollywood studios so you’ll possibly get interesting films when they release. Besides studios, Popcornflix also features lots of independent cinema which is great news for lovers of indie movies. Overall, Popcornflix is a great app where you can discover and watch free movies.
  • Hoopla Digital- Hoopla Digital is an all-in-one free platform of content. Along with your library card, it uses local library access to show you a bunch of stuff for free. It includes films, television shows, ebooks, music and even comic books. The app comes with support for Android TV and Chromecast, too. To be able to work with your library card, your local library must be a part of the Hoopla network. Other than that, it works pretty well though.


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