The United States Rebukes Beijing Over Coronavirus Outbreak

The United States blames Beijing’s method of handing the deadly coronavirus. The country argued that Beijing lacks transparency and has sparked a global crisis.

Due to the steep rise in the count of those infected, the toll reached 64,000. The NHC however, pointed out at the statistical error. They removed 108 deaths in Hubeli which were counted twice, making the death toll to 1380 on Friday.

China’s worsening crisis has sparked concerns of more global infection, with Vietnam locking up villages on Thursday after finding new cases and Japan being third outside the mainland to report a death. Among them, more than two dozen countries have registered hundreds of cases.

While the WHO has lauded China’s treatment of the disease — as opposed to its cover-up of the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak — on Thursday a top official in the White House said Beijing should be more accessible.

Larry Kudlow stated President Xi Jinping told President Donald Trump that Beijing will accept help from the United States, but “they will not let us.”

The remarks by Larry Kudlow contrasted with Trump’s apparent belief in China. The US leader talks on a radio show that Xi is “extremely capable” and that the US is “working with them” and “sending a lot of people.”

The severity of the epidemic seemed to escalate on Thursday. Officials in central Hubei province, the epicentre of the crisis, began to list patients. All patients were “clinically diagnosed” by lung imaging, in addition to those who were subjected to laboratory tests.


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