Tokyo Might Set Highest Single Day COVID Cases Spike

Tokyo is expected to post a daily record of more than 280 cases of coronavirus Thursday, raising fears that the new outbreak spreads through the broader population and is likely to spill outside the capital city. Governor Yuriko Koike told reporters the figure is the highest for a single day, and it comes after the city conducted a record number of tests on a single day, with far more than 4,000 being performed.

Although the original flare-up in Tokyo originated from nightclubs, with rising daily numbers coming from more vigorous bar staff checking, officials have expressed concern that more reports now come from more commonplace locations such as restaurants, bars and workplaces. Just 13 of 165 cases register on Wednesday in Tokyo link to the clubs. A cluster of 15 infections identifying at a Taisei Corp. construction site in the city meanwhile.

Not only does the virus spread more broadly across industries but also across the world. Officials announced 61 infections Wednesday in Osaka. It is the world’s second-largest economic city, most since mid-April when the nation was in a state of emergency. A cluster identifies on the northern island of Hokkaido tied to a Sapporo nightclub that involving more than 10 people. Elsewhere, people advise by some of Tokyo ‘s neighbouring prefectures not to fly to the capital after seeing cases increase in the last weeks.

Japan’s New Cases Report

On Wednesday, Japan as a whole reported about 450 cases of the virus. It is the largest since April’s height of the pandemic before the emergency state lifts. A plan designs to promote domestic tourism deems likely to spread the virus all over Japan. Chief Secretary of the Cabinet Yoshihide Suga said the government would discuss the initiative after asking experts for their views.

While officials have called for increased vigilance. They have maintained so far that there is no need for a large request. It is to close businesses because of no stress on the medical system. Also, the majority of new patients in their 20s and 30s are young people. Nevertheless, in recent days, the government has taken a harsher tone. It is with Koike saying that she may issue business closure requests to a specific shop target if needed. Also, encouraging residents to avoid businesses that do not meet the guidelines for virus prevention.

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