Top Election Security Official of the U.S Intelligence Community on Election

The top election security official of the U.S intelligence community said in a statement Friday (local time) that China “prefers” a scenario where President Donald Trump will not be re-elected in November and Russia is trying to denigrate the challenge by former Vice President Joe Biden to the White House.

Mr Evanina ‘s comment is the clearest the intelligence community has been in implying that in the 2020 election, Russia will favour one candidate over the other. In 2017, the intelligence community assessed Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence operation” that was intended to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Mr Trump win.

CNN confirms on Friday that senators and political candidates giving details by U.S. intelligence officials suggesting that Russia is behind an ongoing drive for misinformation targeting Mr Biden. Mr Biden’s campaign advisers have already discussed the assessment of Mr Evanina according to one person who is familiar with the discussions.

Lawmakers on Declaration

The team has concentrated explicitly on the statement’s wording when it applies to the former vice president. Thus, noting that Russia is unambiguously trying to “denigrate” Mr Biden while China is clearly “preferring” a Trump loss. Last month Mr Evanina came under fire from Democratic lawmakers. It is when he last released a warning about Russia. China and Iran ‘s attempts to intervene in the November election.

Lawmakers stated that his declaration did not go “nearly far enough” to provide information for the American public. It is on international attempts to influence the election. In a joint statement on Friday, Senators Marco Rubio, the Senate Intelligence Committee ‘s acting chairman. Also, Mark Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee ‘s top Democrat. Thus, thanked Mr Evanina for providing more information on the threats. So, urged the intelligence community to “start making this information available.”

Christopher Krebs, the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CISA). Also, praised the openness of Evanina ‘s statement. But explicitly listed Russia and not by naming the other countries.

Trump Election Promotion

In setting an example of Russia’s attempts to “denigrate” Mr Biden, Mr Evanina convicted Ukrainian parliamentarian pro-Russian Andriy Derkach. It is of “spreading corruption claims” to undermine the candidacy of Mr Biden and the Democratic Party. Mr Evanina has also said that those with links to the Kremlin are trying to promote. It is the candidacy of Mr Trump on social media and Russian TV.

And over the last few months, China’s public rhetoric has become “increasingly critical” of the Trump administration’s response. It is to coronavirus, the recent closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston. Also, Hong Kong-related behaviour, among other concerns, Mr Evanina noted.

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