Travel Ban to Begin in the US from Feb 21, Trump Focuses on 6 Countries

Expanding the travel ban on Friday, US President Donald Trump issued a notice in which a total of 6 countries have been included. Out of 6 countries, four are African nations and the remaining three are Muslim-majority populations.

Due to this ban, all the democrats and immigration advocates rebuke Trump. They accuse him of targetting Muslim-majority and African countries as per its original 2017 ban.

Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security Secretary spoke on this issue. He said based on the US security and information-sharing, all the six countries failed to meet the standards. Hence, it lead to new restrictions. He added the ban was imposed as there were few problems which the immigrants faced. it included sub-par passport technology along with insufficient information on suspects and criminals.

Wolf also stressed on Belarus which is focusing on taking care of all necessary steps to avoid visa restrictions.

A presidential proclamation said the US to suspend the visa issuance leading to permanent residency for Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria. Tourists, students, business people and workers having temporary visas will not be affected, it said. Further, it adds that Sudan and Tanzania nationals won’t be issued “diversity visas” by the US government. And, for all low rated immigration countries, a lottery system will be available. Previously, Trump had criticized these visas.


Muslim Majority Immigrants Countries Barred from Entering the US

Previously, all the immigrants and travellers from seven countries especially Muslim majority ones were under the travel ban. But the program is overhaul after the US court’s challenge. Later the US Supreme Court approved the ban in June 2018.

Due to the 2020 re-election and focusing on his campaign, Donald Trump enforced the ban. Also, all republican supports agree with Trump’s travel ban.

Countries like Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. North Korea and Venezuela are under visa ban in the existing version of travel ban. Hence, as per the proclamation, the new version of the ban with amending from Feb 21.

Not supporting the ban, Joe Neguse, a US Representative, a Democrat from Colorado and son of Eritrean refugees opposed it calling it unfair for African nations.


Adding to this, an official stated that all immigrants living currently in the United States with approved visas won’t be included in the ban. Those with pending visa requests and who have waited years are banned from entering the country.

According to an official, all refugees will be excluded from the ban. According to Trump’s administration, about 18,000 refugees expect in 2020, which ranks the lowest in decades.


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