Two COVID Patients who Recovered Months Ago Test Positive Again in China

Two COVID Patients in China who recovered from Covid-19 months ago again tested positive for coronavirus, raising fears about the potential of the virus to survive and reappear in people that it had previously infected. The two COVID Patients is a 68-year-old woman in Hubei, central Chinese province, where the novel coronavirus first appeares in December, screening positively on Sunday, six months after Covid-19 detects and recover. Another man finds the disease contracting after returning from abroad on Monday tested positive in Shanghai but displayed no symptoms.

None of the near contacts with the patients tested positive for the virus, but they were put under quarantine, local authorities said. The two cases are the latest addition to an increasing number of “virus reactivation” anecdotes. They found among patients thought to have recovered from the viral outbreak. It has sickened over 20 million worldwide and killed 748,000 people. Although testing positive again is uncommon for recovered patients. The condition raises concerns about why certain patients suffer from long-term symptoms. Also, whether any immunity to the disease may be too ephemeral to defend against re-infection.

Several studies have shown the number of defensive antibodies that an infected individual can build up to combat the virus. It falls rapidly after only a few months. Potentially making them a second time vulnerable to the same pathogen. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to date that in this pandemic, re-infection has occurred.

Many researchers have raised the possibility that even after the antibodies disappear, other cells will continue to provide immunity. Researchers in South Korea have indicated that the virus found in patients months. It is after recovery may be the vestiges of the dead, no longer contagious, virus particles.

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