Two Former Passengers of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Die Due to COVID-19

Amid the outbreak of the deadly new virus, two former passengers have died on the coronavirus-wracked Diamond Princess, police said in a statement on Thursday as concerns mount over those disembarking the ship after getting tested for the disease negative. The pair in their 80’s are a man and a woman, the first tragic cases among the more than 600 aboard the cruise ship said public broadcaster NHK and others. Both had medical problems and were escorted off the ship on 11 and 12 February before they were treated in hospital, NHK said. Minister of Health Katsunobu Kato gave limited clarification but said that he had to wait before families had been notified before it was official.

The huge vessel dock in Yokohama near Tokyo is comfortably outside the Chinese epicentre the largest coronavirus cluster, with 621 positive cases reports among passengers and crew. 443 passengers disembark on Wednesday after testing negative for the COVID-19 virus during a 14-day quarantine period with no symptoms. The passengers ‘ complete removal expects to take a minimum of three days.

On Thursday, more travellers left the ship, leaving in yellow buses and heading home for stations and airports. Yet questions constantly rise as to why former passengers of Diamond Princess roam easily around the notorious crowd cities of Japan, even though they test negative.

The paper mentions a passenger who states officials check him on February 15 and left after four days.

NIID Sympathizes with Japanese Authorities

The Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantine on February 5. This is when discovery of infection through the virus by a passenger reveals who left Hong Kong. Except for short trips on deck wearing masks and gloves, passengers restrict to cabins. Officials asks passengers to keep their distance from others. But a Kobe University infectious disease specialist rocked the boat with a video. He slams onboard “completely chaotic” quarantine procedures, in unprecedented criticism by a Japanese official.

The videos is download in Japanese over a million times, and in English hundreds of thousands of times. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Iwata said he had heard that the quarantine procedures. Also, had improved from a colleague on board.

He advises, however, that all those disembark the ship to be under supervision. This is for at least 14 days and should avoid contact with others. The Japanese officials have defended their procedures. Also, stressing that there was a strict separation of hazardous and safe areas. Also, a station built to safely remove pollute equipment.

A National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) paper likely issue by the Government. The NIID also acknowledged the unusual situation Japanese authorities are dealing with.

After the last passenger disembarks, 1,045 crew members on board forced to undergo a further 14-day quarantine. Several countries have removed their people from the ship. They demand that when they return on home soil they undergo a further 14-day quarantine. Japan has seen 84 cases outside of Diamond Princess.

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