Two Hurricanes Expect to Hit the US Gulf Coast

Two hurricanes are expected to crash into the US Gulf Coast in the days ahead, forecasters said Sunday, causing torrential rain, strong winds and region-wide flooding. US media also reported that twin hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico have been unparalleled since records started 150 years ago. Tropical Storm Marco has intensified into a 75-mile (120-kilometre) wind hurricane per hour and is expected to strike Louisiana on Monday.

Tropical Storm Laura battered Haiti with heavy rain, killing at least five people. On Tuesday it expects to become a hurricane that strikes on Wednesday’s same US coastal area. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said, Storm Laura. It was “bringing torrential rainfall and life-threatening flooding” to Haiti, which shares the Dominican Republic’s Hispaniola Island. A 10-year-old girl died in Haiti Sunday morning when, according to officials, a tree fell on a building. They state some homes flood, and evacuations underway because of Storm Laura, which passes through Puerto Rico earlier.

A woman has washed away while attempting to cross a fast-flowing river in southeast Haiti. And in the capital Port-au-Prince, a woman and two men die. It is because of the storm, but no further details show. Several people try to salvage what they out of their flood homes. It is with brown water up to their knees while street vendors saw their products swept away.

Atlantic Storm

The Atlantic storm season, running through November, maybe one of this year’s strongest. It is with the Hurricane Center forecasting as many as 25 named storms as ever. Laura is the twelfth until now. Haiti, an 11 million-strong nation, has seen a relatively low incidence of COVID-19 — with just over 8,000 cases and about 200 deaths to date — but the authorities have urged caution to avoid further spread following Storm Laura.

Each year from June through November, storms pose a significant danger to Haiti. Even heavy rainfall can endanger the poorest people in the world. Many of whom live in at-risk areas, near canals or ravines that can be filled by debris and easily overflow. Upon travelling inland across Louisiana on Monday and Tuesday Marco expect to weaken quickly.

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