United States President Donald Trump Fired his Inspector General

United States President Donald Trump reveals to Congress on Friday that he is terminating his US inspector general of the intelligence community who involves in causing the president’s impeachment investigation last year.

For the time being, a U.S. official states Thomas Monheim trains career intelligence officer. It will serve as the acting inspector general. Atkinson, a United States President Donald Trump appointee, had decided that a report. This is by a whistleblower was reliable in claiming that Trump manipulated his role. This is in an effort to gain intervention from Ukraine in the US election in 2020 for his political benefit.

Atkinson was also worried that Trump could be exposed to “significant national security and counterintelligence threats” when, according to a legal opinion from the Justice Department, he urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son during a July 25 phone call.

The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump after heated. It is partisan hearings but the Republican-led Senate acquitted him of the charges early February. Democrats have heaped criticism on Trump for firing Atkinson, especially as the country panics from the pandemic COVID-19.

Atkinson is the first individual to alert Congress last year to a letter. This is from an anonymous source detailing a phone call. This is in which Trump force Ukraine’s president to launch an inquiry into his political opponent, Joe Biden.

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