United States Records More Than 60,000 New COVID Cases

In 24 hours the United States has recorded more than 60,000 new COVID cases which is a daily record-just hours after President Donald Trump said the country was in a “good place.” On Tuesday, data from Johns Hopkins University state that the US had recorded 60,209 new cases over 24 hours.

At 2,991,351, the nation had been nudging three million cases, the university-based in Baltimore said. The death toll was 131,362, with another 1114 deaths counted. The grim figures came after Mr Trump said that in the first wave of COVID-19 the country is “in a good place” with the pandemic, disagreeing with Dr Anthony Fauci ‘s assessment the country is still “knee-deep.”

Dr Fauci, the top infectious disease specialist in the nation, said the state of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic is “still not good” as new cases are spreading across the world.

The US Withdraws from WHO

The Trump administration has told Congress and the United Nations that the U.S. is officially withdrawing from the World Health Organization, a step that has taken place in the last week alone in the face of a growing number of cases of coronavirus around the globe. The news tweets by the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Senator Robert Menendez.

The letter sent to the UN is brief, only three sentences and will cause a one-year deadline for withdrawal. Although lawmakers from both parties have long cited structural concerns with the WHO, several have also condemned the President’s decision to withdraw amid a global pandemic that took place once in a century.

While claiming that the World Health Organization “allowed” widespread cover-up of the origin of the coronavirus pandemic by the Chinese government, representatives of the GOP China task force urged President Donald Trump last month to rethink his decision to end ties with the international organization, arguing that the US should do more to effect change as a member. The WHO is trying to coordinate efforts to get personal safety and medical equipment, such as ventilators, to hospitals around the world, among its current functions.

Cases Rise in the United States

Some have warned that withdrawal in the current environment may also interfere with essential clinical trials for the development of vaccines, as well as efforts to trace the virus spread globally.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of coronavirus continues to rise across the US and around the world in different countries. There are at least 2,953,423 cases of coronavirus in the US, and at least 130,546 people have died from the country’s virus, according to a tally of cases by Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins recorded 17,346 new cases and 261 fatalities on Monday. Mr Trump has repeatedly argued that the rise of cases in the US. It is merely a result of increased monitoring. But that assertion knock down on Monday by a WHO official.

WHO scientists and experts are planning to travel to China this weekend. It is to investigate the roots of the novel coronavirus. The report announces on Tuesday by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Specifically, experts will seek to trace the narrative of how coronavirus could have spread to humans. It is from the wild to possibly farm animals. Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program states. Initially, Mr Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the WHO in May. Also, consistently accused the organization of helping China to cover up the virus’ origins.

Travel Ban in Progress

He also said he could have imposed a travel ban on people. Those coming from China earlier had the WHO behaved appropriately. The Trump administration has already redirected WHO funding. Also, it will take a year to complete the process of formally withdrawing. Critics of the decision are hoping to reverse the withdrawal decision if Mr Trump loses the November presidential election.

Mr Trump’s decision to end the United States relationship with the WHO on a permanent basis follows a long-standing pattern. It is of railing against global organisations, with the President claiming that the US exploits. The President challenged the United Nations and NATO support from the United States. It withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement and strongly attacked the World Trade Organization. But health experts, US lawmakers, and world leaders expressed concern. It is about protecting the organization in the midst of a pandemic.

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