US Attorney General William Barr Rebukes Donald Trump

On Thursday, US Attorney General William Barr delivered Donald Trump’s highly unusual public rebuke, stating the president’s tweets made his job “impossible” in the Justice Department.

Barr’s interview came as Trump is suspected of intervening with his former adviser Roger Stone’s sentencing decision — causing four attorneys from the Justice Department to withdraw this week from the investigation.

The outburst was all the more extraordinary when Barr emerged as Trump’s strong advocate, gaining from opponents the nickname of the “president’s lawyer.” Barr was in the eye of the storm over reports that he wanted to overrule his own prosecutors and demand a shorter prison sentence for Stone, reportedly under Trump’s pressure.

Democrats and legal experts target him for claiming to support Trump during the independent inquiry into whether a Russian influence operation supports the president during the 2016 election.

The two men are so close that there has been widespread speculation that Barr’s television interview could have been more about manipulating public opinion than a real outrage against the supposed judicial interference by Trump. A White House spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham said Trump had “full faith” in Barr.

The message reinforces by Trump’s National Security Advisor who insist that the president has “great trust” in Barr.

Trump’s Twitter Showcases Real-Time Actions

Trump often uses social media to express his views and decisions. It is without going through traditional media interviews, as opposed to any president before him. Grisham suggested that Barr’s remarks would not alter this. Adding to the repeated claim made by the White House. Also, professional media outlets misrepresent Trump and therefore need to be circumvented.

In particular, Trump uses Twitter to make actual, high-impact decisions which often respond in real-time to events. He has used his Twitter pulpit in the latest case to speak out in support of veteran Republican strategist Stone.

In November last year, Stone was guilty of lying to Congress. He interferes with a witness and hindering the House’s inquiry into the 2016 Russia election affair.

Trump denied that his tweets condemning Stone’s original sentence of 87 to 108 months. In favour of Barr after it shortens by more than half— contributed to intervention in politics. When asked if he had exchanged advice with Trump in the Stone event, Barr replied: “Never.”

In the interview, Barr states he is “shock” by Monday’s sentencing recommendation from prosecutors. He expected to “amend and explain” the stance of the department the day after — when Trump fired off his tweet.

When asked if he prepares for consequences on speaking out against Trump, Barr states: “Of course.”


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