US Authorities Approves Blood Plasma to Cure COVID Patients

The US authorities declared on Sunday an emergency approval for blood plasma from recovered coronavirus patients as a cure for the disease that killed more than 176,000 people in the US. Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration comes as President Donald Trump faces heavy pressure to curb the contagion that has hobbled the world’s biggest economy and clouded his once-promising November reelection prospects. It is claimed that the plasma contains strong antibodies which can help fight the disease faster and help prevent people from being seriously harmed by it.

While the medication already uses on patients in the U.S. Also, other nations, experts are still debating the extent of its efficacy. So, some have cautioned that it could have side effects.

He said plasma will probably function much better right after a person. It exposes to the virus, as the body attempts to neutralize the infection. The US media claims earlier Sunday that Trump signs the emergency authorization. It is at a news conference, but the White House refuses to comment on the president’s intentions. Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said the president would announce a “big advance in the therapy.”

Under certain conditions, however, the FDA already allows convalescent plasma transfusions for patients with coronavirus. Thus, such as clinical trials and seriously ill persons. The Washington Post, which claimed Trump would declare approval. Also, said it had received such a transfusion from over 70,000 patients with viruses in the US.

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