US Ban on WeChat App Could Lead to Communication Gap Between Chinese-American Friends

A US ban on the WeChat messaging app could sever communication lines between ChineseAmerican friends and push people to turn to a substitute, social media users said Friday. US President Donald Trump has imposed unprecedented restrictions on Chinese-owned WeChat and TikTok, signing executive orders that give Americans 45 days to avoid business with the site. Trump cited national security concerns which also cast doubt on WeChat’s parent company, Tencent’s US operations.

WeChat is a forum for texting, social media, and electronic payment, with more than a billion users currently. It is not commonly used in the US, but it is difficult to do without it in China. This is as almost all companies use the platform instead of email.

The 25-year-old said his circle of friends would be using the weeks. It is ahead to turn to messenger WhatsApp, SnapChat and Facebook. Those platforms are limited in China, however, so users in the communist country would have to use a VPN. Similarly, users of US WeChat may be able to access the platform. It is using a VPN after a ban has been put in place.

Social media users took their complaints to Weibo, the Chinese Twitter-like website.

The hashtag #TrumpAnnoucesBanOnTikTokAndWeChat# had more than 300 million views on Weibo and 24,000 comments, while #TencentSharePlummets# had over 280 million views on the platform. The ban could also have an impact on companies.

Others were less preoccupied with the possible ban.

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