US Senate Passes Bill to Sanction China to Enforce Hong Kong National Security Law

On Thursday (local time) the US Senate approved a bill by unanimous consent to impose sanctions on China for its decision to enforce the controversial Hong Kong national security law, which critics argue would erode the democratic freedoms of the region.

Another of the legislation, the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, would place penalties on individuals and companies helping China limit Hong Kong ‘s autonomy. The bill was written by Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey, and Maryland’s Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen, CNN said.

A second bill by Missouri’s Republican Senator Josh Hawley is a resolution criticizing China for violating the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration to grant Hong Kong autonomy.

The measures, associated with one bill before receiving a nod from the Senate. It still passes in the House of Representatives before President Donald Trump provides his assent. Trump said last month that his administration would revise Hong Kong’s travel advisory. Also, to the State Department to reflect the increases danger of the Chinese state security apparatus punishes.

Huge protests in Hong Kong stopped China from enforcing the security law. But Beijing makes it clear that the law enforcement “without delay.”

Under the statute, a police force in the former British colonies. It is up to oversee the enforcement of the legislation, along with secret police.

The international community has criticized the security law. It gives the statements of both China and Hong Kong leadership. Also, they have the complete right to enforce the law.

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