US Woman’s Caring Gesture Towards a Delivery Guy, Videos Goes Viral

A US woman leaves an Amazon delivery awestruck. How? Read on…

An Amazon delivery staff member’s amazement and celebration video has gone viral. The delivery guy was filled with joy after finding food and drinks outside a house in Wilmington in Delaware. The video has been viewed over 12 million times on Facebook.

The woman, at whose house the man was set to deliver the package, left the treat to thank himĀ for all they had to endure to do their jobs. People praised both the woman for her good deed and the staffer from the Amazon for his reaction to the good gesture of a stranger.

Karim Ahmad-Reed’s dance video outside Kathy Ouma’s main door is viral. Ms Ouma posted the video. Mr Reed puts the Amazon pack outside her house’s front door before moving on to look at a basket.

Karim Ahmad Dances in Happiness

“Oh, this is nice,” he exclaims, as he leans over to see the goodies- soda, water, crackers, and cookies “meant for those delivering holiday packages.”

“Wow! Oh, this is sweet.” As he walks away after helping himself with the eatables, the man does an impromptu celebratory jig.

“This was the first delivery I’ve seen with snacks at the door for drivers,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I forgot my lunch that day and was hungry and a little dehydrated.”

Ms Ouma wrote to UPS, USPS, Amazon, and FedEx and posted a picture of the basket and said : “Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.” Mr Reed is still in touch with Ms Ouma.

“She’s a jewel and a great human being. I am grateful to have brought her some happiness, as she has to me,” he said. “The world needs more love.”



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