Vaccine for Coronavirus Invented in Hong Kong

In a new update researcher in Hong Kong have invented new coronavirus vaccine which killed many in China.

A Hong Kong University (HKU) professor also an expert on infectious diseases, Yuen Kwok-Yung spoke about the new invention with South China Morning Post.

“We have already produced the vaccine, but it will take a long time to test on animals,” Kwok-Yung adds, without stating any specific time frame on when patients can use it.

The coronavirus invention is based on an influenza vaccine, previously invented by Kwok-Yung’s team. They added the surface antigen in same influenza to make the coronavirus vaccine. Hence, it can be used to prevent both influenza and Coronavirus.

After a few clinical trials, the new invention will be fit for human use. Adding to this Kwok-Yung said that it would take at least a year to conduct clinical trials on humans and months on animals.

Kwok-Yung explained as per procedure, first, the animals would be injected with the medicine and then exposed to the virus.

“If the vaccine appears effective and safe in a number of animal species, it will go into clinical trials on humans. This takes at least one year even if expedited,” Yuen said.

However, he expressed his doubts when a coronavirus expert, Li Lanjuan stated that medicine can be made in a month.

Also, in the latest update, China confirms a total of 5,974 coronavirus cases. This has crossed the number of infected in China in 2002-2003.

China’s national health commission confirms more than 1,400 coronavirus cases. So, the toll rises to 132 on Wednesday. During the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic, 5,327 case confirms in China. Around more than 770 died globally out of which 349 were from China.



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