Video: President Trump Demands Death Penalty For Drug Dealers At A Campaign Rally

US President Donald Trump is no stranger to making provocative statements and imposing “never heard before” laws. Addressing a rally on Saturday for a Republican congressional candidate, Trump advocated having drug dealers face the death penalty if found guilty.

Trump took the center stage in the event in order to help Republican Rick Saccone in a district Trump won with a big margin over his opponent in 2016 elections. Saccone is facing an indomitable fight from Democrat Conor Lamb in the election.

Speaking off Saccone, Trump described as a “really good person,” and said, “he[Saccone ] knows things other people don’t know”. What does that mean? personally, I have no clue. But President Trump went on to do his usual ritual of talking about his own fortunes and plans in a “Make America Great Again” rally in a packed airplane hangar at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Trump, in his iconic opposition bashing campaign-style speech picked apart major television anchors, revealed his re-election 2020 slogan- “Keep America Great” and also discussed nuclear arms love-hate relationship with North Korea. However, there was no mention of the impending trade war with China, which sparked off after the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump said, “We need Republicans. We need the vote,”. Putting some shades on the Democrats Trump said that the Democrats may take away the Second Amendment rights to bear firearms from the people. He called the Democratic candidate as “Lamb the Sham”.

Watch key moments from the speech here:

Source: REUTERS 

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