Viral Video of US President Mocking the US National Anthem

Despite troll for wishing the wrong team for their win in Super Bowl, Donal Trump seems to least care about criticism. In the latest viral video, we can see the US President making a gesture an orchestra play American national anthem at Super Bowl event. Trump can be seen in the video wearing a black suit and red tie and waving his hands like a concertmaster. Irked with this, Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline tweeted on this.


Further, Brian Tyler Cohen also criticised Trump on-camera.

Brian Tyler Cohen


In the viral video, we can also see Melania Trump, First Lady standing still beside Trump showing respect to the US national anthem.

Talking about the impeachment trial, closing arguments complets on Monday. Further, the Senate will vote on Wednesday. If rumours are true, Donal Trump is going to be free.

Around 53 seats are Republicans and Democrats hold 47 seats. The Senators need 67 votes to remove Trump from his post.

Donal Trump impeachment by the House of Representatives began on December 18. The reason is that the President gives $391 million in military aid to Ukraine. This is to demand that Kiev begin an investigation on his November election rival, Democrat Joe Biden.




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