Vladislav Surkov Sacked by Vladimir Putin from his Post

On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin fired Vladislav Surkov, one of his chief advisors and Russia’s Ukraine policy architect considered as one of the most influential men in the country. The 55-year-old Surkov’s termination was declared on the Kremlin website but no indication was given as to what his new job would be.

In recent years, Surkov has been in fact guilty of the Kremlin’s Ukraine policy and has developed close ties with the rebels who carved out “people’s republics” in the eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the former Soviet country. He substitutes earlier this month by Dmitry Kozak, a 61-year-old veteran official and close ally of Putin, as the Kremlin’s chief ideologue and pointsman on relations with Ukraine and Moscow-backed separatists.

Vladislav Surkov helped as the Kremlin administration’s first deputy head. This is to transform Russia’s parliament into a rubber stamp, muzzle media, and neuter the opposition. In parliamentary and electoral campaigns the secret strategist oversaw political parties that invariably handed victory to Putin. Surkov notice power wane after reshuffling to the government in 2011. He serves in the rank of deputy prime minister for two years.

He returned to the Kremlin in 2013 where he worked as Putin’s adviser. So, he is responsible for Russia’s ties with Ukraine as well as other post-Soviet countries. When Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014, he discovered himself back in the spotlight. Also, backed Russian-speaking rebels in the industrial east of Ukraine. Separatists have readily admitted that Surkov has briefed breakaway statelet leadership.


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