VoIP Checklist Followed in a Business

Voice over Internet Protocol is a class of hardware and software that allows people to use the Internet as a way of transmitting telephone calls by sending voice data in IP packets rather than standard PSTN circuit transmissions. Finding right VoIP Checklist is necessary. To know why, continue reading.

Advantages of VoIP

One benefit of VoIP is that Internet telephone calls do not impose a surcharge beyond what the user pays for Internet access, much the same as the user does not pay for sending individual emails over the Internet.

There are many applications for Internet telephony. Some come bundled with popular Web browsers, such as CoolTalk and NetMeeting. Others are products of their own. VoIP is also known as Internet telephony, IP telephony or Internet Voice (VOI).

There are many Internet telephony applications. Some come with popular web browsers like CoolTalk and NetMeeting. Others are own products. VoIP is also known as Internet Telephony, Internet Voice (VOI) or IP Telephony. Here are few Business VoIP checklists followed in Mergen IT.

Business VoIP Checklist: Preparation and Research

1. Evaluate your phone needs

2. Decide which business VoIP features are critical

3. List other cloud platforms your business uses every day

4. Test your network for VoIP readiness

5. Gather your phone bills

6. Get quotes, proposals, demos, and trials

7. Ask about number portability

8. Select your provider

Business VoIP Checklist: Deployment

1. Purchase phones (if needed)

2. Submit a Phone Number Port request (if needed)

3. Create your custom recordings

4. Set up your business VoIP account

5. Register your phones and make test calls

6. (Optional) Set up temporary phone number forwarding

7. Set up add-ons and integrations

8. Train your staff

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