What Does Your Natural Lip Color Say About Your Health?

Just like your eyes are the windows to your soul, do you know that your overall health can easily be determined just by the color of your lips. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, your lips are actually kind of indication of your health status, so determining the color of your lips gives you an indication of what is happening inside your bodies, such as the health of your blood, organs, or your temperature.

So look in the mirror and see whether your lips have a natural pink color. Remember that any other shade indicates a medical problem. Let’s identify some common health problems by observing the natural color of our lips:

Pale pink, white, or gray Lips:

If your lips look pale, more than usually, it means you are anemic and your body needs more blood. Pale pink, white, or gray lips are a sign of anemia. Your body lacks hemoglobin and your red blood cells’ count is low which is why your lips are pale. You might also have an iron deficiency that is basically be termed as malnourished. You need to increase your intake of foods rich in iron and vitamin C, such as broccoli, red meat, and red dates.


In Chinese culture, if your lips are very pale, it is a sign that your body has too much cold with cold energy, which also leads to a noticeable sluggish digestion, and cold hands and feet. So, you need to warm up your system by eating warming foods, such as lamb, mussels, pork, pumpkin, and raspberries, etc.

Bright Red Lips:

If your lips have a much stronger red shade it usually indicates the ill health of liver and spleen.It means, your body is overheated and your liver and spleen are working overtime. Bad breath and consistent food cravings in shorter intervals are some common problems these people are likely to face.


Eat cleansing bitter foods to cleanse your liver, such as dandelion tea, chrysanthemum tea, and bitter melon. Celery and honey are also beneficial. Remember that it is important to sleep early in the night and not to stress.

Purple or Green tinted Lips:

This is pretty common during the winter days but if your lips are constantly in this shade then you have a problem. This usually indicates a problem with your heart or respiratory system that needs to be addressed by a medical professional. If you notice even the slightest green or light purple tint, consult with your doctor immediately.

Dark Red towards Black Lips:

When your lips are dark red leaning towards black – it most probably indicates poor functioning of digestive system. Your body is looking for cleansing. Go easy on processed foods and eat more foods that are fiber rich such as Yogurt, honey, congee and sweet potatoes to help bring back the nutrients your body is seeking. Also, drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice in order to cleanse out any unwanted toxins and boost your metabolism.

Dark Red or Purple Lines Around Lips:

If the lines around your lips seem darker than the surface of your lips, it is a sign that your body may be out of balance. In other words, your body might feel low in energy levels very often even with small amount of work. The rectification for this phenomenon is quite simple. One should emphasize on consuming energy foods which include several beneficial fruits and dry fruits. Also, include rice, potato, carrot, almonds, fish, and apricots in your diet.

Natural Rosy Pink Lips:

If your lips are naturally rosy pink, then you are perfectly healthy, so keep it up. People who have a well-maintained physique and a healthy lifestyle have perfect pink coloured lips.

Not many people around us can actually replicate the perfect pink lips. This truly indicates how our lifestyle is shaping our health and our future.

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