WHO Head Calls Coronavirus a ‘Grave Threat’ to the World

The World Health Organization head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Tuesday calls the deadly coronavirus as a grave threat to the whole world and asks people to view the virus as Public Enemy Number 1. The WHO head urges people to take preventive measures to control the virus. Also, all the effected 30 countries with weaker health system should take measures as the virus could create havoc.

He said that the virus has been named coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019) with no geographical association.

Till now China has reported 1017 deaths and 42,708 infected citizens. Out of these, 400 cases have been recorded in 24 countries with 1 person’s death, the WHO head adds.

To speed up the research into drugs and vaccines, WHO conducted a meeting. It appealed everyone to share virus samples to help the research.

Tedros spoke in WHO meeting with 400 researchers, national authorities including those from China and Taiwan taking part in the meeting through video conference. He mentioned how 99% of coronavirus cases have been reported in China. Due to which it remains a national emergency and causes a grave threat to the entire world.

The WHO head also spoke with the reporters on Tuesday. He states that the coronavirus transmission is no limit to human to human. It has also transmitted from people who had no travel history to China. 5 British nationals infect despite not travelling to China living in France.

Hong Kong authorities report the evacuation of residents living in a building where a man and a woman test positive with coronavirus on Tuesday.


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