Woman Trapped Under a Car Rescued by Passerby

Recently, a heart-warming scene played out in China as hundreds of passers-by rushed to help a woman biker stuck under a car. A video filmed last week in the city of Liuzhou, in the autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang, shows an accident on a busy road.

A woman riding an electric bike falls down in the video. Soon she is ran over by a vehicle, stuck below her. After the crash, as the car stops, hundreds of people try to raise the vehicle. Then they rescue the woman trapped under it. The footage on YouTube shared by CGTN shows them working together. This is to lift and tilt the car to rescue the woman trapped beneath.

More than 30 Good Samaritans had come together to lift the truck, according to CGTN. We are kindly seen in the video lifting the biker out of under the car and also checking on her. The woman was taken to a local hospital after he was saved. Fortunately her wounds aren’t life-threatening.

This is not the first time that kind-hearted Chinese passers-by raised heavy vehicles to help victims. People passing through a road accident scene in July last year came together. This is to save the victim by removing the minibus that pinched her down. The incident occurred in the city of Suqian in eastern China.



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