Working from Home Video Meetings Zoom Tips and Tricks

With millions of people working from home due to the COVID-19, meetings that had previously been held in person have now been shifted online and many employees are now using Zoom, in particular. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced Zoom user, these tutorials should help you refine your virtual gatherings.

Working from home, willingly or not, is the new standard for millions around the world. The problem of teamwork arises when professionals of all kinds adapt to working remotely and is addressed by video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

Operating from home doesn’t mean you can’t get to work with your colleagues. Zoom is one way to keep in touch while you’re gone. When you’re unsure how to start a Zoom Meeting, follow these instructions and in no time you’ll be talking face to face.

Not everybody has a home office, so take part in a video meeting. It can be a bedroom, kitchen, or any other space. It can be seen when the video is allowed by all participants. So, It can be awkward to bring colleagues into your private room. That is why Zoom provides virtual backgrounds that allow users to easily conceal what’s behind them. Even if you’re only using Zoom for the daily meeting, the tips and tricks here help you enjoy smoother, more fun video experience.

5 Tips and Tricks for Better Video Meetings Experience

  • Type Alt+I for opening the Invite window while you are in a group. Copy the URL from the Email tab and send it to everyone you want to invite to the video meeting. Or click on Contacts to invite directly a colleague, if they are on your contact list.
  • Recording in Zoom is a very useful function. Would you want to avoid main meetings or one-on-one employees? Write them down for reference. To start recording any meeting simply type Alt+R. Form Alt+P for recording a pause/resume.
  • Sharing the screen is one of the main features Zoom does better than any other video conference app we’ve tried. Type Alt+Shift+S, to start a screen sharing. Type Alt+T to pause/restart a screen sharing.
  • Using Alt + A to mute / unmute the microphone to mutate the recording.
  • This environment ensures that you calmly join the meetings without adding sudden noise to the call. By clicking on the arrow next to the microphone you can access Audio Settings directly from a Zoom call. Check “Mute microphone when you join a meeting.” The same condition (and should always be used as a rule) occurs in the smartphone device.


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