Zookeepers Around The World Recreated The Iconic Jurassic World Scene

In the age of internet meme’s, the below-mentioned scene from the movie Jurassic World involving Chris Pratt trying to calm down a trio of deadly velociraptors has given rise to endless memes. But This time Zookeepers from around the world are reimagining the famous scene. And this has got everyone rolling over and laughing.

These zookeepers have posted these images to their Twitter and Instagram handles. Here Are Few Of them:













As this trend broke out on the internet, even actor Chris Pratt himself found it amazing.

“This is absolutely awesome! ???#ZoorassicWorld.”

Hands down, zookeeping is one of the coolest jobs out there. However, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into taking care of animals. Zookeepers deserve our utmost respect and the least we can do is making them famous.

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